Friday, 13 September 2013

I am a ...

I am a..  – I saw this idea on Pinterest and have had a go myself on my IPAD. I have included a download for you to use but depending on the age of the child they could draw their own letter shape. I think it would look fabulous if it was decorated and either filled with words or pictures. They could draw the pictures or even cut out pictures from magazines.  I know when I did it I really had to think about all the things I could do. A really positive exercise for children to do and a real self esteem booster. If you are working with a group or a class I would do a circle time first. It could be a game. Keep going around the circle with ‘I am a… ‘ until all ideas are exhausted. As a group activity you could use the letters ‘WE’ are and children work together in a group to come up with all the things that they ‘are’. This would be great for getting them to find things they have in common. We are ‘artists’, ‘musicians’, ‘friends’, ‘listeners’, ‘happy’, ‘sharers’ etc.
Download: I am a …
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