Friday, 13 September 2013

Feelings hunt

Feelings hunt – this would be a good class activity and also an activity that could be taken home. Give each child a sheet and allow them to go around their class mates asking how they are feeling. Be prepared for noise but it is a good warm up activity and allows the children to learn feelings vocabulary from their class mates. Emphasis that the feelings written down need to be different. They can’t put sad in every cloud. This will encourage the children to think of different feelings rather than just the usual sad, happy. This sheet can also be used at home. The child can be encouraged to ask the question ‘How do you feel?’ to their mums, dads, grans, sisters, brothers etc. The more children talk about feelings and learn new vocabulary and what it means the more emotionally literate they will be.
This activity could be extended once the children have collected their words. Who has got the most words? Are there any words you don’t understand the meaning of? Choose one of the words and write about a time you felt like that? Choose one of the words and draw a picture of yourself with that feeling. Draw a cartoon strip of a time you felt like that. Choose one of the words and write down words around it that mean the same. How many of your words mean the same?
The list is endless of how you could use this activity.
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