Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Examples of HLTA assessor questions

There have been many posts on the forum about questions that the assessors might ask. Here are a few that I have picked out:

How do you feed back to the teacher and how do you assess whether children
have progressed in learning .
Give me an eg. of an actvitiy that you had planned ,that you had to change
when you carried out the actvity to meet the needs of the children . eg . of
spur of the moment thinking...
If a child said a racist comment what would you do ?
Talk me through the process of the schools SEN policy.
How do i progress learning . Give egs.
Give me an example of how i have dealt with bad behaviour . What methods
did I use?
Have you had the opportunity to observe others. What did you learn?
How has going on a particlular course improved your proffessional
development? How do you make sure you differentiate the work that you plan ?
My involvement in assessment and recording .
How and why I analysis the information
What is your overall contribution to the school? (Chlo)

How do you get on with other TAs - do they see you as a leader?
What would you do if a teacher had planned work which was inappropriate for
child you're working with?
What do you know about the SEN Code of Practice? (don't think "very little"
would be the right answer, but didn't expect quotes from documents or anything)
How do you manage behaviour in the classroom?
How often do you teach whole class alone?
How do you contribute to the ethos of the school?
How would you deal with a racist remark from a child?
Do you do your own planning or does teacher?
How are your ICT skills?
How do you contribute to record-keeping?
Do you have much contact with parents and what sort of relationships do you
have with them? Have you been involved in a risk assessment for a trip?
How confident are you about Child Protection issues?
How do the ethnic minority children know that you personally respect their
background? (Miranda)


  1. I have my HLTA assessment next week, this has really helped. Thank you

  2. Hi, I have my HLTA assessment in June. These questions are a real help and will assist me in my preparation. Thanks.

  3. Hi, these are really helpful. I've got my assessment next week - how did you all get on and does anyone have any other examples of questions that were or might be asked???

  4. I have been working in the role of HLTA for 5 years and have now decided to return to being a teaching assisstant. I was led to believe the HLTA status would be career progression for me but instead I spend most of my time being a teacher. I seem to be the only one who feels 'conned' by the status. It is fine for those TA's who want to become teachers but what about TA's who want to work at a 'higher level'? I have a Level 5 qualification in teaching & assessing pupils with dyslexia. During a recent appraisal my head teacher said she had 'forgotten' about it! My worth and skills as a TA have been forgotten by the school and I am seen as a money saving asset. I can no longer continue in a role I disagree with. I am NOT a teacher and so should not be employed as one earning 75p an hour more than my previous post.

  5. There are many in your position Anon and I do agree with you. I have said it many times that HLTA status requires over 30 standards and teaching a whole class is but one of them. IMO it is very difficult to find a 'proper' HLTA job where you can use ALL your skills to teach individuals, groups and sometimes classes.

  6. i know by doing my HLTA that I will not get anymore money, but I may have to work another 20 years and see this as an extra tool in obtaining a further job should the need arise. I don't want to be a teacher but wanted more responsibility. Funding has been cut in Cambridgeshire and I have been given 3 training sessions with a facilitator who can only advise. Just seems there is no real genuine support and the websites they advise you to look at are so user unfriendly it makes you wonder how anyone has obtained this qualification.

  7. I've recently been given the opportunity to do the HLTA course. I am now at the moment trying to give examples of how I meet all the standards but am struggling.I know I do all of them on a regular basis but trying to describe how is fairly hard. Any one able to help?

  8. Anonymous, if you email me I will try and help although it is a long time since I did my HLTA :)
    My first thought is that you get the HLTA handbook. That is the bible and there are lots of examples of how to meet the standards in this book.
    Here is the link if you don't have it already

  9. Hi, I have just been offered the chance to get my HLTA status, however, it has to be completed by the end of June this year. Do you think it is possible?
    Yours very stressed

  10. It is possible to do in by June, but don't expect any support as ur basically are left to do it on your own !!!!


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