Thursday, 21 February 2008

The Sound collector worksheet

The Sound Collector worksheet for children to write their own poems. You could get the children to collect sounds from your school, or from the park or from the zoo.

Lesson plan and activities for 'The Sound Collector'
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  1. I've used this with Year 3 with great results. I've got a photo of a display somewhere....goes off to look.

  2. That's great I look forward to seeing the photo. I have had these sheets on the TES resource bank for some time so I suspect a few people will already have used them

  3. Found it :-) It was a very popular activity. I really recommend it!
    Sounds Display

  4. That's great! :-)
    I used it with some very bright year ones and it really got them thinking. It's the sort of activity that most children can do no matter what their level.

    Thanks for the photo!

  5. I have used this poem before I love it. I start off with the items from the poem in a big bag and one by one put them on the table. we discuss the objects then i put them away and have the children draw/write what they can remember seeing. then we read the poem and then have them create their own versions

  6. Thanks for sharing, great stuff here.

  7. i use it on year a 2, they love it


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