Saturday, 15 March 2008

Letters and Sounds Phase 3

Some links and resources for phase 3 of 'Letters and Sounds'

You will have to go through the long vowel worksheets to find the sound you are working on. Use the synopsis of 'Letters and Sounds' to find the sounds you need for phase 3.

Phase 3 pdf
Planning sheets and resources
Phase 3 sound buttons interactive
Brenden's resources
Long vowel worksheets/activities
Lots of long vowel worksheets
Parents handout covering phase 2 and 3
Word lists

Interactive game

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  1. thankyou soooo sooo much these resources are so helpful! much appreciated!

  2. Brilliant thank you, this website has been a great help!

  3. A brilliant selection of resources! thank you!

  4. Many thanks for the resources. Very helpful.

  5. Thanks so much, help me alot. Hard working TA

  6. Fantastic resources, you have helped a lot.
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