Saturday, 18 October 2008

Letters and Sounds planning, phase 2, week 3 for children with SEN

Here is the 3rd weeks planning. I am now teaching only 2 letters per week and for next week I will not be teaching anymore letters. My group are pretty good now at the sounds I have taught but need lots and lots of practise with blending and segmenting. I have one star blender in the group and one child who nearly gets it but gets the end sound wrong. The rest can just about hear a blend when I say the sounds. As for segmenting some of the group are still struggling to hear initial sounds. I have 2 in the group who can now segment a cvc word. I am trying to cater for all these children in these plans. I hope they may give you some ideas of how you can teach phonics to small groups.

Week three planning

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