Saturday, 18 October 2008

Guided reading with beginner readers

I have done guided reading for many years and found it to be very successful. Here is a basic format that I usually follow. I hope it is helpful.

Guided Reading with Beginner readers

Book Introduction

For very young children this part will be the longest. Keep hold of the book and discuss: They will need a lot of help initially to be able to attempt to read independently. This part will get less as they begin to read more.

1. The front cover
2. The title (how many words)
3. Draw round each word with your finger get children to do this
4. Read the title to the children by pointing at each word as you read or ask if any of them can read any of the words.
5. Talk about the picture on the cover, what do they think the book will be about? Relate it to their experience and ask lots of questions.
6. Picture walk – look at each page and discuss. Look at the words and discuss. How many words there are. Are there any words they know? Can they work out any of the words? Look at a word that can be blended easily and ask children for the sounds. Blend them together to read the word.

Strategy Check

1. Focus on phonics.
2. Make sure the children know to blend right through the word to try and work it out.
3. Do not allow guessing of words.
4. Tell the children what you are looking for when they read on their own. For example ‘I am looking to see if you point at each word as you read your book.’ 'I am looking to see if you say the sounds in the word and try to blend them together.’
5. Have a teaching objective, for example Show them how we make the ‘sh’ sound. Can they see this sound in their books? How do we read a word like ‘shop’? Practise together.

Independent reading

1. Children to read the book themselves, prompt, encourage and assist as necessary.
2. Make sure you focus on just one or two children during this part of the session and make notes about them.
3. Make notes on any problems that children may have, this will give you an idea for further teaching.

Return to text

1. Pick a teaching point. Did a child struggle on something in the book, was there a sound he/she didn’t know? If so then teach this to the group.
2. Discuss the story! Ask questions. Did they enjoy it? Which was their favourite part? Ask questions about how the characters would feel in that situation. Relate the book to their experience. Have they ever done that? What was it like?

Follow on activity

Is there something the children could do to expand their understanding of the book? Or to help their phonic knowledge?

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