Sunday, 8 June 2014

My self care plan

I saw this idea on Pinterest and loved the idea. I completely adapted the sheet to fit in with ELSA work. I think working on one of these is so beneficial to all children. It makes them think about physical activity, what they eat, who are the people in their lives who they can trust? They can think and discuss with you their hopes and dreams, how they can relax, how they can be a good friend etc.
I would work on one section at a time. There are loads of worksheets here which can be downloaded to go more in depth with for example eating and physical exercise.
I just did a little research and found that physical activity for example has the following benefits and I am sure there are many more:
  • improves mood
  • improves social skills
  • improves well being
  • improves teamwork
  • encourages healthy competition
  • improves motor control
  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • improves fitness
  • reduces obesity
  • improves confidence
  • Improves self-regulation of emotions
Encouraging physical activity has got to be a good thing!

Download: Self care plan

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