Tuesday, 28 August 2012


I made these many years ago and have used them so many times with my own children and at school. They are fiddly to cut out but so useful. I keep mine in a plastic container. I just printed onto card and then cut out but you could laminate and they would last forever.

Here are some ideas to use them

1. Pick out 10 words, read them and order them into alphabetical order
2. Pick out 3 words, read them, cover them and spell them. Check
3. Pick out 3 words and look them up in a dictionary
4. Pick out 3 words to describe the character in your reading book
5. Pick out a word and use it in a sentence
6. Pick out 2 words and use them in a sentence
7. Pick out 3 words that describe you
8. How many words can you read in one minute?
9. Find a word you don't know and learn it. Look it up in a dictionary. Use it as much as you can for the rest of the day.
10. Find 6 words with 2 syllables
11. Find 6 words with 3 syllables
12. Find a word that means the same as 'nice'
13. Find 3 words that are positive characteristics
14. Find 3 words that are negative characteristics
15. Find a word that has 3 letters.
16. Find a word that has 7 letters
17. Find a word that has 'ful' at the end
18. Find a word that has 'less' at the end
19. Find a word you like the sound of, read it to a friend and explain what it means. Use it in a sentence.
20. Draw a picture of your superhero and find words to describe him or her.
21. Find a word for every letter of the alphabet (excluding x)
22. Find a word with 'ly' at the end
23. Find a word with the silent 'w'

24. Find a word with 'ing' at the end.

There are loads and loads of ways and I am sure you will come up with your own ideas.

Here is a the file with the words

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