Saturday, 30 June 2012

Fishing to make amends

We looked at 'guilt' and making amends today in our Friendship group. We thought we would try and make a bit of a game of it so I made this fishing game. We began by the children sorting the scenarios by 'how guilty they would feel' and have a discussion about why they felt that way. Then we thought for a bit of fun the children could fish for scenarios in pairs and then act out the scenario including making amends. Here are the fish on a pdf, the quality of the fish isn't brilliant but they are fine when printed off and laminated. We stuck paper clips around the edge (the metal ones are best for sticking to the magnet) and made a little fishing rod out of a stick, string and small magnet at the end of the string. They were quite tricky to pick up but that gave the children such a boost once they 'caught' one! Here are the fish on a worddocument so you can change the scenarios if you wish. We had some budding actors in the making!
Happy fishing!

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