Friday, 20 January 2012

Letters and Sounds Apply

I thought I would write about this part of a Letters and Sounds lesson as I have recently made a bit of a breakthrough with my SEN children. They all struggle to read, retain then write a caption or sentence. One of the things I think is very useful for young children is for them to spot their own mistakes and then correct them. With this in mind I split my children into pairs. I gave them a book each for writing in and a pencil between 2 of them. I then wrote lots of sentences using the targetted sound for the lesson on some bright card. I gave one child in the pair a sentence which they had to read to the other child. No peeping allowed. The child had to read and read until they were perfect. So after the first attempt where they were sounding out every word they became fluent. This fluency was needed so the other child knew what to write. When the child had eventually written the sentence I got them as a pair to look at my sentence and decided between them what was wrong. They then corrected. They then swapped and the other child read whilst their partner wrote. I have found this very effective. Within a week of doing this their fluency has improved and their ability to retain a sentence then write has improved. I have written some simple sentences for you to try this. Please let me know if it works with your children. My focus was on ch/sh/ng


  1. looks a good idea - will try next week with my SEN group


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