Thursday, 21 October 2010

Letters and Sounds - Phase 2 'Bang' game for grapheme recognition and word building

Print, laminate and cut up. Put in a bag and pass round. Child to read the grapheme. If correct keeps it. When a child picks the 'bang' card they have to shout 'bang' and put their letters back. They keep the bang card. As an extention can any of the children make a word with their letters? I have put some extra vowels in this game. If you want to play this more of a word building game then take out some of the 'bang' cards. Make the game really pacey.


  1. How do I print these fab resources???

  2. If you click on the image, then either save it to your computer and then insert into a word document or you can click the printer icon on your computer. Select print preview where you can change the size etc. then print it from there :)


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