Thursday, 21 October 2010

Letters and Sounds captions for reading and writing

Some children find it really difficult to remember a sentence/caption whilst writing because they have so much to remember whilst spelling. I use this idea with some children.

Show the picture and read the caption/sentence together.
Cut out the words and rearrange the caption/sentence together.
Child rearranges the caption/sentence.
Child closes eyes whilst you steal a word. Can they remember which word it was. Repeat this several times.
Finally remove the word cards and dictate the sentence/caption to the child. Show the picture.
Can they remember it? Can they write it unaided? Encourage stretching out of each word to enable them to spell it. Remind them that as each word was in a box they need to put a space between each word.
These captions cover sounds from phase 2 and 3 of letters and sounds.

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  1. Fantastic Resource! I will be using it next week. Thankyou


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