Sunday, 14 March 2010

satpin game Letters and Sounds phase 2

I saw the idea for this game on this website
Laminate the cards and cut out. Place in a box and children take turns to pick a card, blend and read it. If correct they keep it. BUT if a child picks a card with 'bang' written on then they shout 'bang' and put all their cards back but they keep the 'bang' card. I haven't tried it but I reckon the kids will love it. I have made the game with the letters 'satpin' but it could be used with any new grapheme and at any phase. Also could be used to learn tricky words and even graphemes. You could put all the phase 2/3/5 graphemes on cards. I have included a blank template for you to use with your own words.

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  1. I have just seen this and love the idea - making up my own template and going to try it with satpin.
    Thank you for sharing


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