Thursday, 29 October 2009

Letter formation s

Laminate and use over and over for children to practise letter formation. To print at the size you want then click the image, right click and save to your computer and then insert into a word document or you can use the print preview button at the top of your page. It is easy to alter size etc there for printing.


  1. I cannot seem to print out your resources at the correct sizes. Any advice
    I also cannot post this in any way other than annoymous!

  2. Hi there thanks for the comment. This file is in jpg format so needs to be either inserted into a word document or you need to use the print preview facility at the top of your screen. You can alter the size etc. there. To post with a username you would need to join 'Google Blogger'.
    Kind regards

  3. I love your letter formation sheet. Do you have all of the alphabet? The letters and sounds digraphs and tri graphs for letter formation would also be a great idea. what do you think?


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