Friday, 14 August 2009

Rubbish and Treasure game for phonics

I made this today. I love resources that can be used over and over and which have different uses. Hope you like it.

You could print, laminate and children use a dry wipe pen. You could either quickly show a flashcard and then hide it for them to write the correct word either under rubbish or treasure (real word or nonsense word) or you could just say the word and they have to write it. I included a phoneme frame so children could really sound out and write the different phonemes. I have made a few flashcards which are available below on pdf.

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  1. I used this last week with my phase 5 group. First of all as a reminder of how to write words in phoneme frames (after the long break) then I showed a word, they read it and then I hid the word from them. They then had to decide whether it was a real word and put it in the correct phoneme frame.


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