Sunday, 16 November 2008

Advent calendar ideas

I love this idea where the children put a cotton ball on santa's face. I did this a few years ago for the class and also my little girl. I got a large sheet of paper and painted santa's face. We did it as a whole class.

Here is a link for a template
Below is my feeble effort of painting santa's face on a large sheet of paper. At least this way you could if necessary leave out the numbers so a child glues a piece of cotton wool on each day leading up to Christmas. Good if you have more than 24 in your class.

One teacher I worked with did a fabulous one where she got a bunch of twigs and basically stuck them to the wall with a big ribbon around the bottom. She then got the children to draw a picture and put their picture in a numbered envelope to hang on the branches
The paper chain advent calendar isn't a new idea but I thought I would mention it just incase someone doesn't know about it. Here are some instructions and a poem. You could write an activity on it each link for the children to do each day.
If anyone has any photographs or ideas then please email me and I would be happy to put them in this link


  1. This is just a wonderful idea. my son has special needs and this is perfect he has to be able to associate with something to be able to see how many days this will be so helpful with him to know how much longer until Santa comes. Thank you for sharing!!!


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