Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Phonic picture cards

apple, astronaut, ant, ambulance, bat, ball

bed, beach, candle, cup, can, cat

duck, dog, doll, dig, elephant, egg

frog, foot, fish, girl, gate, glue

hammer, hen, horse, hat, insect, igloo

jam, jug, key, king, leaf, lamp

lion, lemon, monkey, mouse, nine, nose

octopus, orange, pan, pig, penguin, queen

question, rain, rainbow, red, sing, snake

sock, sun, sausage, spider, tongue, tap

tomato, toothbrush, teeth, umbrella, van, vet

violin, wasp, wheel, watch, wink, box,

yawn, yacht, zebra, zero
I have tried to find pictures for all the sounds needed in my planning.
ch/sh/th and the rest of phase 3 sounds to be added later.

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