Friday, 17 October 2008

Phonic game for group work

I saw this idea somewhere out on the internet and have used it for a long time. So thank you to the person who had the original idea.

You need a small bag or box
Some picture cards
2 or 3 small boxes with grapheme cards attached

This is a bit like a pass the parcel game and the children love it.

Put the pictures in the bag, and the boxes on the table or on the floor in the middle of the children. You then sing 'Bag of pictures, pass it round, pass it round, pass it round. Bag of pictures pass it round, what's in the bag?' (Sung to the tune of London Bridge is falling down)Who ever is holding the bag has to take out a picture and put it in the correct grapheme box.

I have tried other ways of using this lovely idea.

Bag of sounds pass it round etc and have a bag with grapheme cards in and pictures on the table.

Have also used 'Bag of words pass it round' 'what word is it?'

Young children love this game. They are all busy singing and eager for the bag to stop on them.

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