Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Preparing for Assessment checklist

This post was started by Robby64 as a checklist for people who are preparing for their assessment day.

Before the date
Date checked on school calendar
Confirmed with provider
Head informed
Teacher informed
Study room for assessor
Make ‘Do not disturb’ sign
Arrange for table & chairs in room
Arrange refreshments
Ensure Reception/Office staff know assessor will be arriving

On the day
Check room is set up (table/chair/heating etc.)
Coffee/tea/biscuits/kettle if necessary
Teacher informed of interview time
Senior leader informed of interview time
Put up ‘do not disturb’ sign
Arrange refreshments
Show assessor where the toilets are
Inform assessor procedure for evaculation should fire alarm go off
Ask assessor if he/she would like a tour of the school

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