Saturday, 9 February 2008

Number bonds

Ruby asked if anyone had any ideas for number bonds 1-10 and 1-20

Here are some of the replies

I used a deck of playing cards using the number only cards and using the joker for a zero. Then I turned them all over and we played a pairs game - having to find the 2 cards that added up together to make 10. e.g if you turn over the 5 of hearts you would have to find another 5 to make a pair. (Cazgal)

Matching game - in pairs give each child full et of 1-10 with numbers (and spots?). 1st child puts any card down (e.g. 3) and partner has to put down matching card (7) on top.

Two teams sat on floor opposite each other in lines. Going down the line, 1st child starts with 1, child opposite calls out 9, that child then calls 2, opposite child calls 8......... Must be quickfire - award point against team if they are too slow or incorrect. (charlie)

Get 10 white counters and paint one side red of each of them a piece of non slip matting and children throw/ drop all the counters and count the number of white/ red, see how many diff ways they can drop them (Daffy)

Throw 10 coins and count how many many tails will there be? (Debbie)

I'd use a dice with nos to 10 and asking what its partner would be. Also flash cards are good. Play a game of pairs where they have to turn over two cards which must be its partner. (KPnut)

I've made some Owls with blank square on their belly and written numbers 0 to 10 on each owl. The opposite side is identical but this time in the blank square is a corresponding number up to 10. [ I stick them together and laminate them] So for instance one side of owl has 8 in it's belly so the other side has 2 10 And 0 9 and 1 8 and 2 etc.......... I have also used some from sparkle box with different animals and kept them separate [for my wave 3 children] There are animals that match each other like two giraffe cards one with number 9 on the other giraffe has number 1 on it. Once the group are familiar with the number bonds that make ten. I play the game "last man standing" Where all the children stand in a circle I call out a number whilst two children at a time compete to be the first to shout out the number needed to make ten. One sits down whilst the other child remains standing. carry on like this until only one child left standing. Children really enjoy this game. (bluebell27)

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