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Do you work as an HLTA and if so how are you used?

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I deliver intervention programmes with small groups in the mornings and PPA/management cover in the afternoons (Charlie)

I am used for intervention work, PPA cover and inclass support (Debbie)

I have been a hlta for three years, never been paid as one but was expected to cover classes. Would only do that with another ta in support.Why should a teacher paid 30,000 a year have a ta but hlta not even paid half of that cover on her own? All tas in my school take small groups and deliver intervetion programmes. (Tiggersmum)

I am employed as a HLTA - for this I have to plan and deliver for PPA cover every afternoon. This also includes marking, setting up equipment - I cover lots of Art/ D& T lessons, making displays - my school view the role of HLTA to be unqualified teacher. My other HLTA hours are for running and managing the schools website. I also plan and deliver booster classes for Year 6 and support an NVQ for Numeray and Literacy lessons but I am emplyed as a TA for that - Level 3. (Little miss sunshine)

In my last post I covered PPA time planning, delivering and observing for an afternoon the rest of the time I was an TA in a reception class. In my present post I now take the class for 2 days working with the class teacher on the medium term and short terms plans for the class along with setting targets/goals for each child. (Jac)

I teach whole classes for two days, paid as HLTA, rest paid as a TA supporting children on SA and SA+ out of classroom (Vee)

I get about 19 hours as a Ta and 7 as a HLTA but not at full HLTA pay about £2 an hour more than my TA wage. For this I am supposed to attend all staff meetings, and training days, and cover PPA for my CT. other TAs get cover supervisor pay for doing this. Rubbish really...(Suem)

I cover two PPA a week, and any other sickness/courses that come up which is quite frequently and when I do these I'm not usually supported by another TA - as has been said above, makes a mockery of it all really.(Smilingmoose)

I get paid as and when HLTA hours - it changes each week but I cover PPA, management time and courses so I usually do about 12-15 hours w week on HLTA pay and the rest is TA rate! (Nick)

Hi ,I am employed seventeen hours as a TA and twelve as a HLTA a week I cover PPA afternoons and the odd times for parents cofee mornings. Also odd cover for the coordinators to observe lessons. etc. I have to claim for overtime for the difference between TA and Hlta about 90p. We still employ supply teachers for absences etc.(Rosy Jan)

I think it is interesting thast nearly everyone is used as an HLTA for PPA/ Supply cover work with whole classes and paid as a TA for the rest of the time. My HLTA assessment also included working with groups and individuals; taking the whole class was only one of 30 odd standards. This does seem to me to be a form of exploitation and against the ideals set out by the WAMG.
Time, I feel, to remind folk of this: (Emma)

I am employed as and paid as an HLTA for 36.5 hours per week. I currently cover some PPA time (head discussed with me whether I wanted to do it or not!) but it was not part of my original job description. I do realise that I am the exception but let it give hope to some others - there are proper HLTA jobs out there - and properly paid too! (Miranda)

I work full time as a HLTA, have my own classroom, doing intervention (Literacy, numeracy, reading, science, art, etc) and SEAL work with pupils who are underachieving. Do my own planning assessments, marking, etc, etc. I still have my old contract and pay as before with no hope of it changing. Good job I enjoy what I do and get a lot of satisfaction from it. (Blueliz)

Because of my skills in art - I have two days teaching art during PPA. All planning and assesment is done by me for whole school art. No TA present during lessons. I take year six sessions of half a class all day monday. I also teach maths and literacy year six lower groups Wed morning. I only have Wed afternoons -during this I take individual children for Catch-up literacy programme and friday mornings I work in my year six class. Fri afternoon is my own preparation time. Oh forgot I'm also the school art co-ordinator and am expected to do all the public displays in the school. I'm also asked by other year teachers to help with any art work they might not be able to manage. Oh and I cover any teacher courses /time out etc. I do get paid across the board HLTA rate. As you can imagine - Am meeting the head after half term to tell her what I haven't got time to do anymore- like taking photo's . (Roshol)

I am currently working towards HLTA and have been doing PPA.I too do Art and D&T. KS2 this year and have done Literacy, Geography/History and RE for KS1 in the past.I agreed to doing it because I wanted to do my HLTA but my old HT wouldn't agree to it. It was a shame because I had a large file from STAC to transfer and a tutor who spoke up for me.I don't think he agreed with it at all. (Squirrel)

I am employed as and paid as an Hlta for 26 hours a week, my week consists of booster groups for the first part of the morning, two after break sessions I cover the class for smt/senco time, the other three after break sessions I am supporting the class teacher in the classroom. My afternoons are mainly covering ppa time, because I have done the P.E course also I tend to teach P.E during these session. Most of the time I am on my own in the class, unless there is a child with 1-2-1 support, But I do get a lot of support in other ways from the other T.A`s and Teachers. (Jingle)

hi there !! i have been an hlta since july 07 ,i am the only one in my school so you would think id be used alot WRONG!!! knowone even refers to me as an hlta !! i was given a VERY SMALL pay increase 25p per wk anyway then told i would be paid extra if did hlta duties THEN they realised that i was being piad less than a new part time ta so gave me another pay rise (25p) As for my work i teach the yr 2s in my class all the time (my teacher doesnt know what to do with them as she was used to yr 5s !!!!) i do a before school club ,do assesments mark work,take small S.E.N grps ,take swimming lessons run a computor lesson each week the list is endless much the same as most TAs but i still love the job (i must be mad !!) (mrsp)

I get paid HLTA rate for all my hours. My extra responsibility is to be line manager for the TAs and to cover PPA time for 4 classes.(xjdx)

Hi I am paid throughout the week HLTA rate. For this I teach art for all PPA classes, thats eight a week All day tues and Thurs. I do planning and assessing for this. I take half of both the year 6 classes for class activity while other half in ICT suite all day monday.Then literacy and numeracy large lower year 6 groups Wed mornings. Wed afternoon individuals from year 6. Friday morning I'm supposed to be in class but am very often asked to cover for teachers abscence. this also happens on a wednesday too. Also do all the public displays in school.My own PPA time goes out the window. Oh and I am also the art co-ordinator in the school. Got a meeting with the head next week, as you can imagine. just arn't enough hours in the day to cover all this and planning. Oh and I also work three days as an MDSA. think that's probably got to go as all the extra teaching messes up the mid day supervisor. (Roshol)

I get HLTA pay for all my hours. I cover a full day with a group of children plus 3 TAs at a local agricultural college, I cover for Annual Reviews two mornings a week, cover PPA for one morning and 3 afternoons a week (for which I do all the planning and preparation) and I have an afternoon for my own PPA. If teachers are away I occasionally lose my PPA but get it back another week planned in advance so they can get a supply teacher in to cover me!!!! Have always had all my hours paid at HLTA rate since getting the Status even before ll my hours were used as HLTA. The difference is a lot more than 90p an hour!!!!!!!!!! (Becks)

I am employed as an HLTA in a secondary school - all hours at full HLTA pay. I plan for, teach and assess bottom set year 9 and 10 in Maths, one lesson a week each. I could have TA support but chose not to as we are stretched enough as it is. I cover for absent teachers, but only ones who I would be supporting anyway so I know the students and the subject in detail. I am a full second in faculty to the SENCo - line management responsibility for other eight TAs, write reviews/IEPs etc, run review meetings where necessary and do all the other TA jobs I always used to, supporting, extracting for basic skills etc etc. When I was awarded the status, I asked the deputy head when she was going to amend my contract and pay me as an HLTA instead of a level 4. She had the foresight to see that by playing fair, the school would reap the rewards so she agreed. By doing this, other TAs were then able to be promoted where applicable. We now have a new level 4 TA, two new level 3s (one currently going for HLTA) and the rest are 2s. A really happy and willing team as we feel we are appreciated and have a well structured department and career structure. (Amy0611)

I'm employed full time as a HLTA at hlta rate. I cover all PPA / courses/sickness as well as deputy head time and NQT time. I follow the teachers plans but am expected to mark books and help with an assembly once a fortnight. (Abbeyoaks)

update- things have changed slightly since my last post, i am now a support staff champion and will be paid at HLTA rate for all `champ` meetings and visits AND after 1 yr i have actually been given the class to myself for the afternoon when i will get £9.70 perhr (thats compared to my usual TA rate of £7.20 per hr!) (MrsP)

Thank you to everyone who replied to the thread. It makes interesting reading especially for people thinking about going for HLTA assessment

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  1. Hi Debbie

    Do you know how much supply TA's (TA3 for example ) might get paid as a as oppose to employed.


  2. Hi, I have been employed by my primary school for the past 5 years or so as HLTA. I work 25 hours a week, all paid at HLTA rate. For this I support small groups in maths and literacy, do booster groups from Yr 2-6, plan and deliver most of the ICT across the school, am ICT co-ordinator, cover teachers when ill or on courses (sometimes I only find out when I walk in at 8.30)


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